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Enterprise Resources Planning

Dynamics Motion offers intelligent automation solutions and push technology driven transformation for various industries. Our platforms enable business units and shop floors to fine tune their productivity by leveraging digitalization in all industries.

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ERP & Digital Transformation

The integrated administration system is easy to use. Includes the basic business running applications that will make your organization work as a team in the online world smoothly anywhere anytime. consulting, design, and system installation.


Consultation and systems ERP to suit each organization delivering Gap Analysis 
Prototype Configuration Data Import Validation and Training

Cloud Services

ERP Cloud Service Seamlessly connects users for up to 24 hours. Desktop / Mobile / Tablet Support IOS and Android.

We are the Singapore Official ODOO Partner


Your corporate server file storage provides secure storage, including all connections, for maximum performance, design, and installation of the server files.

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Synology DSM 7.0

Track file share settings changes with detailed records by the user, client type, and IP tracking. Control all operations from the advanced Synology Drive Admin Console.

Synology System Topology

Instantly sync cloud-managed data to multiple Synology NAS and access files as if they were locally stored, reducing on-premises storage footprint, network use, and costs.

Cyber Security

Mount a Hybrid Share folder to any Synology NAS and gain instant access to your data on Synology C2 Storage. No need to wait for a data recovery or migration process to finish.