edgeOne DevKit for Developer

IoT Developer whether it's a university mega project through industrial solution edgeOne DevKit DMA-110 provided all purpose.  

Data Collector

Compatible for more than 80% of sensor in market ready for you to explore.


Able to select processing unit based on project demand.  

Data Analyzing

Data visualization helps human to see insight for a better execution making thought all success


Break thought all limitation of Operating System programming able to leverage all idea without limit.


Automatic feedback to improve  and optimize process based on data for precise control.

Perfect Balance of Centralized and Decentralized.

Powerful Connection

- Power Input 24V
- Power Input 5V 
- Power Output 24V  
- Power Output 5V 
- Modbus RTU

- 24 VDC Digital Input
- 110 - 220 VAC Solid State Relay Output 

We design to make developer. Leverage from industrial protocol standard.