Dynamics Motion Smart Factory Road-map

Our experts will consult, analyze and develop with you a smarter factory ecosystem by optimizing your end-to-end digitization, IIoT capabilities, analytics and application solutions. Our in-house built-in tools for visualization and analysis along with our technology partners will move your company towards better quality control and productivity in output.

Focus areas

  • Asset Monitoring

  • Data Acquisition

  • Industrial Analytics

  • Operational Analysis

  • Machine-to-Machine Interaction

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Edge Computing
  • Asset Tracking


Dynamics Motion EcoSystem
 Optimize operations and track return on assets (ROA).
Asset Monitoring

Getting a competitive advantage in the market is a prime prerequisite to be relevant in the current industrial revolution.  A monitoring system allowed by an Industrial IoT platform is just what businesses need, such as manufacturing, industrial machinery, power & energy, mining and oil & gas. IoT-enabled asset tracking and management systems not only help you gain greater control of your machines but also have positive impacts on factors such as: improved performance and profitability, decreased running costs , increased customer experience, etc.

Data Acquisition

Throughout the manufacturing field, data acquisition systems play a key role throughout real-time decision-making. When companies move into a data-centered approach for development and operations to retain a competitive advantage while allowing users access to data at any time regardless of location, data acquisition have evolved from pure processing systems to be the core factor in achieving  the complete benefits of automation.

Industrial Analytics

Processes operating within limits and delivering goods of the right quality use real-time monitoring that provides a clear view of the processes by integrating and displaying all data on a single dashboard in interactive control charts. Early detection of faults and process deviation alerts operators can recognize and manage process deviations faster with maximum process visibility.

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