dataEdge Master™ 

Starting from $160/mo or puchase a perpetual license*
Make your factory smarter with dataEdge Master™ 


Intuitive Dashboards are made within minutes leveraging the real-time data provided collecting directly from the machines operating in the facility. These Dashboards tells a complete story of your production such as historical trends, specific trends etc provided by our specialized filters. We make you understand your factory better

Machine Data Insights

Share KPIs  and overall stats, trends, OEE, and performance graphs with your team to come up with personalized reports to make better production planning. All the relevant metric in real-time are downloadable in PNG, PDF, CSV format to help create reports for the production team

Generate Reports

Monitor the output of each job that runs with task, part number, and operator analytics on your equipment. Comprehend actual cycle times, shift efficiency, actual OEE metrics, efficiency of the operator, setup times, etc.

System Architecture

dataEdge Server

dataEdge  dashboard

Industrial Application

dataEdge  Real-Time device

Production Counter Sensor

Industrial Application

Production Counter Sensor

dataEdge Server

dataEdge  Real-Time device

LAN Switch

Access Point


Connect each machines with one or more sensors and those sensors and actuators are connected to PLCs and motor controllers via serial or parallel I / O communication interfaces, programming them to perform industrial control functions, Business metrics can be described 

based on one or more sensor attributes, and contextual data. You can define anomalies and 

predictions on these metrics to track machine 's health and to learn their about abnormal behavior. Using rules engine, you can define the conditions for generating sensor attributes, metrics, 

anomalies and predictions. 

 Cloud Ready Platform

Dynamic Edge Server

dataEdge  dashboard



dataEdge Monitoring Cloud Service lets you track production performance and production equipment safety inside each facility cost-effectively as sensor devices mounted on production equipment use mobile, satellite or Bluetooth connections to relay real-time performance data to worldwide cloud services from Dynamics Motion.

dataEdge™  dashboards at a glance

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