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Since 1970, Dynamic Spring has produced quality precision spring and stamping parts for the railway, aerospace, medical, energy, automotive, construction and power industries and established itself as the leader in precision engineering and gained trust worldwide.

Dynamic Spring continues to innovate and improve its operations while providing its employees with an environment to be  able to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. 

Since 2019,  Dynamic Spring utilized dataEdge at their facility in Chonburi to further improve their efficiency and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  dataEdge enabled Dynamic Spring to reduce downtime and increase equipment utilization. dataEdge is also used for creating responses based on its findings as it delivers actionable information as well as continuously updated analytics for the factory floor management.



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With the implemented platform, Dynamic Spring quickly identified production bottlenecks, and recognized the effects of process improvements. Getting instant updates and historical insights in real-time, it enabled factory workers to make quicker, smarter,  and more informed decisions. This helped Dynamic Spring increase their manufacturing efficiency by more than 20% . 


Increase overall productivity by integrating smart maintenance by dataEdge's IIoT platfrom

dataEdge™  for precision manufacturing:  Production Monitoring Platform

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